Message From CEO

As the affiliated hospital of China Medical University, CMUH is committed to providing excellent medical services, clinical education and research, and the modernization of Chinese Medicine. It is also our mission to continually improve such education, research, and medical services and to launch strategic alliances with reputed medical institutions sharing the same beliefs as CMUH, in order to construct a CMUH medical system that offers patient-focused, high-quality services.

Our goals include:

Enhancement of the overall quality of medical services; Development of holistic education in medicine and cultivation of medical talents; Realization of the belief in "using what is taken from society in the interest of society" and the promotion of community preventive medicine, epidemic prevention, and healthy city public health policies; Development of long-term care and geriatrics in response to the currently aging society, and drawing up long-term care development strategies to enhance the quality of care for aging people; Cross-industry cooperation to develop a “medical city” devoted to furthering medical research related to improving human health and welfare.

In the future, the CMUH Medical System will be completely established. It will provide the full range of uninterrupted Chinese and Western medical care to the public, turning CMU into a globally first-rate medical institution. We are continuing to develop our excellent medical services, as well as education and research systems, for everyone’s benefit.

Chang-Hai Tsai, MD, PhD., Chairman of the Board

Message From The Superintendent

TMANH is the case in southern Taiwan's first BOT (ie, after the construction of public works committee operated by private transfer), commissioned by the Government to accept the Tainan City, chairman of the Cai Changhai visionary Founding spiritual support, spared no expense to build the first phase two high standard gold green building specifications of the medical building, in the Republic of China on February 2 102 formal operations, but expand construction of the second phase of the third year medical building. In the first Professor Ren Yuanzhang Shinn-Zong Lin, led by short-range goal in the early years, in order to "develop severe medical emergency", "save the brain, heart save, help" and "human care" as the theme, two years have passed responsibility moderate Emergency Hospital also through regional teaching hospital evaluation.

In all my colleagues in the efforts, operating less than three years, to reach a general acute hospital beds opened 339 (including acute mental hospital beds 40), intensive care beds 20 goals, and this year won the regional hospital accreditation classy, ​​gold broke Award the only privileged private institutions award, friendly construction Premium Award, and the only region in the Southwest United States by JCI international medical evaluation, together with our good management and post-natal nursing home nursing home, the hospital has become a high-quality community hospital.

Currently hospital medical services, outpatient services from simple to complex and require highly specialized doctors open brain surgery, spinal surgery and heart surgery, have reached a considerable level, heart surgery has been more than one hundred cases, showing that for most medical needs, the Court outstanding medical team competent enough to do quite well. We believe that regardless of the size of the hospital, as long as the services and technology is first class, is the best service to the people.

However, patient safety and quality of care, there is no best, only better, we can only continue the effort to the next level. I hope that, further to the "professionalism, efficiency, team" as the main, to enhance the "patient-centered" medical standards of treatment to achieve the level of the medical center. Professional respect, to enhance the professional, to give the patient the most accurate and most advanced treatment, the patient is a blessing, but also our responsibility. Only improve efficiency, in order to make the process smoother patient treatment without delay. In addition, the hospital team must be integrated in order to ensure that patients get the full range of integrated holistic care. Not only do we want to win the trust of patients, but also to win peer recognition. Furthermore, in collaboration with the size of the nearby hospital, but I will continue to strengthen the goal of this is not only our commitment to the Tainan City Government, and our responsibility, also in line with our Founding purpose, that is, "to promote the public Tainan healthy fundamental human rights. "

China Pharmaceutical University, and we adhere to the health care system, that is, to maintain outstanding medical personnel in order to continue to maintain our advantage. Therefore, I will do everything in their power, recruited talents, our medical teams into service. I also sincerely hope that can be done "on the ground of medical physicians and localization." I hope the decision to fully join the staff and patient views in the shortest possible time, so that the hospital services of a regional teaching hospital level, so that the medical center level of quality and service.

Of course, these must all hospital employees teamwork, government and outside support, and the patient's sure to be able to reach, hope we work together for a better future!

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