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CMUH was opened in 1980 as the country’s fourth teaching hospital, and its mission was to provide care for all those in need—whether elderly, ill, disabled, or orphaned. Today, this mission continues. The CMUH has international repute, attracting thousands of people from around the region and across the world to Taiwan to receive care from world-renowned physicians in state-of-the-art medical facilities.

CMUH is committed to providing excellent medical services, clinical education and research, and the modernization of Chinese Medicine. It is also our mission to cultivate continual improvement of such education, research, and medical services, and we strive to launch strategic alliances with reputed medical institutions that share the same beliefs as CMUH, in order to construct a Chinese medical system offering patient-focused, high-quality services.

Chang-Hai Tsai, MD, PhD., Chairman of the Board

Many physicians at CMUH are also faculty physicians at China Medical University (CMU), one of the top 5 medical schools in the country. These physicians have access to the latest technological procedures and clinical trial medications, ensuring the best quality of care for our patients. This tradition of excellence consistently places it among the nation’s best in the prestigious Global Views Monthly (遠見雜誌) survey for “Taiwan’s Best Service Hospitals. CMUH, in conjunction with CMU, claims many of the nation’s firsts in care quality, such as stroke care, and has one of the country’s best training programs for reconstructive surgery physicians.

  • CMUH was awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation on October 2, 2010 (Oct 2, 2010 - Oct 1, 2013). The hospital will continue to maintain the highest standards of safety according to JCI guidelines.
  • CMU and CMUH were ranked among the top 200 best Academic Ranking World Universities (ARWU) in Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy 2012.


To improve Tainan original North Gate subregion (including Annan District, Jiali District, xuejia district, West Port, Chiku District, General District, North Gate area, Anding District, etc.) lack of medical resources, Tainan City Government actively in Annan District Choushe can provide acute and chronic illness, a high standard of rehabilitation and mental health care in general hospitals, in order to achieve the residents have twenty years to look forward to a general hospital dream, let Tainan area better by medical services.

Republic of China 98 years October 23, Tainan City Government Notice Tainan Municipal Hospital Annan case BOT tender. 99 On March 12, China Medical University Hospital was awarded the best applicant; June 23 the same year, China Pharmaceutical University, and attached hospitals and Tainan City Government signed a contract to open Annan Tainan Municipal Hospital, 50-year operation period of the construction, and in August 6 held groundbreaking ceremony blessing. 100 On March 30 start. Construction and operation of the preparatory period, the school team intentions into hospital, show the high efficiency of execution.

China Medical University was established in the Republic of China 47 years, Taiwan's first University of TCM colleges, school performance is outstanding, the year before entering the Academic Ranking of World Universities Top 500 of the forest, in the disciplines of clinical medicine and pharmacy, and the National Taiwan University, Chang Gung same column top 200 in the world; China Medical University hospital, compared with all aspects Diego Medical Center have outstanding performance. In this solid foundation under the solid, Schools in the next 50 years based on the Annan plan to the medical needs of the hospital, not only to provide a full range of high-quality medical services, but also to create a forward-looking and humane care of the medical campus to the folks back trust and entrusted.

Annan hospital management team have high expectations, it has been entered into the growth targets, since the beginning of operations from the date of a step forward towards the vision: two years by the Department of Health hospital accreditation, three years by the international hospital accreditation (JCIA ) and the second time the Department of health hospital accreditation of Excellence, five years through teaching hospital accreditation.

Chi is a medical rescue, hospital Annan oath to the best quality health care team, the most advanced medical equipment, the best quality of service, to provide holistic care and take responsibility for the municipal hospital, and strengthen community health, public health and emergency medical support to a major disaster. "In patients with respect to the staff as the most important to be proud of the hospital" has been the China Medical University health care system must abide by core values, Annan will also be regarded as a model hospital together to enhance the quality of care and medical environment in Taiwan and dedication. (Republic of China on February 1 102)

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